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Frequently Asked Questions

About Eleven Hockey

Who are you guys?

Eleven Hockey was founded in 2010 in the frigid tundra of northern Minnesota. Our mission is simple: to restore the spirit of creativity and pride to hockey. To accomplish this, we augment our products with a variety of innovative new technologies and employ superior manufacturing techniques perfected over 100 years, drawing on the experience of our friends at Christian Brothers, Northland Hockey, and Bending Branches.

True to our vision, we released the Pro Classic in 2011, heralded as the “best wood stick in 10 years.” This inspired new stick features a special fiberglass reinforcement system and superior glue technology to create significant gains in overall tested strength and longevity based on user testing and reviews.

These technological enhancements are just the first in a line of many promising innovations, including an advanced resin system designed to improve the longevity and responsiveness of stick blades, a dual-kickpoint shaft for our wood line, and a protective Kevlar weave to make indestructible gloves.

Where are you located?

Eleven Hockey is based out of Warroad, “Hockey Town USA,” Minnesota. With fewer than 3,000 inhabitants, this tiny town boasts one of the highest outputs of professional players per capita in the United States, with hundreds of athletes moving on to play collegiate, professional, and even Olympic-calibre hockey.

This rustic setting is surprisingly ideal for a hockey manufacturer, offering a unique blend of high calibre athletics, the serene environment custom tailored for research and experimentation, and a strong hockey tradition to fuel testing and feedback. An added bonus is the area’s hockey legacy. It’s home to the Christian Brothers, Henry Boucha, and dozens of other top-tier athletes, including most recently Gigi Marvin and T. J. Oshie.

About Our Products

What does Eleven Hockey sell

We are in the process of expanding our product line. Eleven currently offers the best wood sticks on the market and is looking to add foam-core goalie sticks and composite sticks (including top-of-the-line carbon fiber and our new E-fiber composite). In the future, you can look for additional products, such as Kevlar enhanced protective equipment and other technologically advanced athletic gear.

Where are your sticks made?

In order to ensure the best overall customer experience, we focus on using quality manufacturing techniques and due diligence to produce premium products at the lowest prices. To accomplish this goal, we occasionally are required to source raw materials and assembly from across the world. All the design, testing, manufacturing and/or finishing techniques take place in our local factories. The breakdown of our products is as follows...

Wood Sticks
Premium, pre-cut lumber comes from Canada. All manufacturing and assembly is completed in the USA.

Carbon Fiber
Source early stage manufacturing from China. Sticks are then completed in the USA, including all design customization and product enhancements.

Foam Core Goalie
Purchased as component parts from Canada. Assembly and finish, including sanding, painting, custom graphics, and product packaging, are completed in the USA.

All materials and production are 100% made in the USA.

Do you have your own factory?

Yes. Eleven Hockey owns both composite and wood manufacturing facilities. We also have access to the equipment and wood processing techniques perfected by the team at Christian Brothers Hockey, and a custom composite research and manufacturing facility.

What’s so special about your wood sticks?

In short, the wood stick lines are hand crafted in the USA, using the equipment and processes perfected over 100 years by our friends at Christian Brothers, Northland Hockey, and Bending Branches. Our local manufacturing ensures the highest level of quality control and significantly reduces the inflated cost and time delay associated with overseas shipping.

Each stick is constructed from hand selected hardwoods. During assembly, we augment these sticks using an advanced glue technology designed to prevent moisture damage, thereby extending the stick’s play life. In addition, Eleven sticks forgo ABS blades in our premium product lines, favoring wood blades with a Kevlar-enhanced sock to increase overall strength and longevity. Best of all, even with these significant advances in quality and playlife, the wood stick line is lighter than comparable sticks from other manufacturers.

About Our Custom Options

What colors/designs do you offer?

Our standard colors are black, white, red, blue, and clear (natural wood tones). We also offer custom vinyl wraps ($19.99 per stick) and custom screen prints ($99.99 one-time setup fee). For larger orders (50 stick minimum), we can use a near infinite range of custom colors and designs, within reason of course (i.e. no rainbow striping or camo). Check out our custom order policy for more information.

What patterns do your blades come in?

Most people are familiar with the Christian Brother’s patterns. We can do those. Custom patterns are OK too (covered in the section below). Right now, our stock patterns are:

#1 - similar to the Easton P4 Forsberg
Features a mid-heel curve, slight (3/8”) depth, slightly open face, lie 5.0, round toe, and medium length.

#5 - comparable to the Easton P7 Iginla
Boasts a mid curve, slight (3/8”) depth, closed face, lie 5.0, round toe, and short length.

#6 - like the Easton P3 Sakic
Enjoys a mid curve, moderate (1/2”) depth, slightly open face, lie 5.5, round toe, and medium length.

#101 - close to the Sher-Wood PP41 Thibault
Comes with a mid curve, slight (7/16") depth, open face, round heel, lie 14.0

Want more? Our complete list can be found in Eleven's blade pattern database.

Can you do custom blades?

Absolutely. There is a one-time setup cost of $19.99, after which we can make as many as you like. The one exception to this is the ABS blades, which cannot be customized.

You can find out all about it here: Eleven Custom Order Policy.

More Information

What is your shipping policy?

Because almost all of our products are hand made and feature custom specifications, most orders take 2-3 weeks to manufacture and ship. Delivery time is typically 2-9 days.

You can read more about our shipping rates and policy here: Eleven Shipping Policy.

Can I return an item?

If you aren't completely satisfied with one of our products, you may return the unused item for a full refund of the original purchase price (shipping not included).

You can read our full refund policy on this page: Eleven Return Policy.

Do you offer Private Label/OEM services?

We do! Our available products include wood, composite, and aluminum sticks, shafts, and replacement blades. All products are made with the same standard of quality we use for our premium stick lines, drawing on over 100 years of experience with manufacturing roots in Christian Brothers, Northland Hockey, and Bending Branches.

Please visit our private label and custom manufacturing pages for more details.

Where can I get more information about your company?

To learn more about our process, the hockey industry, or how our sticks compare to the competition, simply click on one of the links below.

Help Center
The following list includes some or our most viewed help information. If you can't find what you're looking for, you can always use the left-side navigation, top search bar, or the contact us button.

Blade Patterns
This page outlines the specifications of all twelve standard stick blade patterns, as well as our three goalie patterns. If you want a custom blade, make sure to read the "Custom Ordering" link above.

Eleven Hockey believes in building strong relationships and providing as much support to athletes and organizations as humanly possible. You will find a current list of our partners here.

How can I contact you?

We have a friendly, US-based staff willing to answer any and all of your questions. Feel free to contact us at any time!


(701) 203-3499

Eleven Hockey
33163 593rd Ave
Warroad, MN 56763

What about media?

For more information about Eleven media and branding, please visit this page.

In Closing

Thank you for taking the time to visit our site. We appreciate your passion for the great sport of hockey and believe you deserve the best equipment technology can provide.

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